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Thank you for visiting Japanese pottery and porcelain online shop RIMPA. We deal in the genuine and attractive merchandise which even Japanese own can marvel. Also, we consider the safety; their production areas are from the West Japan( Kyushu, Kyoto, and so on). Now, find your special one to add grace to your time, and spend your luxury time!
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This is "The beautiful Japanese crafts!!" about your present to yourself or to a person special for you?
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plates&bowls cups=
For Dinner and Décor: traditional & modern design, big & small, and several shapes. For Coffee, Japanese green tea, English tea and so on.
Teapots Sake Wine & Liquor
For Coffee, Japanese green tea, English tea and so on. For Japanese Sake, Beer, Wine, and so on.
Aroma & Incense Bonbonniere & Box
Feel the Japanese breeze with your favorite artistic scent ! Find your special one! As a gift, too!
Cutlery & Trays Interior Goods
Enjoy the Japanese food arrangement…its sphere of utilization is up to your idea! Decorate your room with them!