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Imari Arita  japan fine china porcelain Incense Burner Lamp Floral Lion
  • Imari Arita  japan fine china porcelain Incense Burner Lamp Floral Lion

Imari Arita japan fine china porcelain Incense Burner Lamp Floral Lion[s-03083]

Our Selling Price: 5,460JPY [Our usual price: 6,500JPY]
[Low Stock] Weight: 610g
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Floral Japanese ceramic Incense burner: Diameter 3.3in(8.5cm) Hight3in(7.5cm)
The beautiful flower with a lion Incense burner, porcelain, authentic Imari_Arita ware, made in Japan.
Among famous Imari_Aritaware, This commodity is reasonable. How about your first beautiful Japanese porcelain? Won’t you spend your gracious time with this collection in this opportunity?
The pattern title in Japanese is "Nishiki Botan".
In this beautiful commodity, the patterns express gorgeous peony blooms (In Japanese culture, people think them as the symbol of the wealth from old time, and also as the king among flowers) on the white porcelain. The knob of lid is figured a lion, as you know it is the king of animals. Therefore, this combination of peonies and a lion is thought as one of the best combination. "Botan" means this gorgeous peony blooms, and "Nishiki" means the splendor of color in Japanese. We hope you take them in your hands by all means to enjoy every bit of its beauty.
Our items are shippet from Japan, so the shipping cost might be thought to be high price because of from Asia, but they are directly from various parts of the Potteries in Japan so that commodity prices are as affordable as possible with cutting the intermediary commissions. Our items are of first-class quality and selected carefully with our experience of long standing. Please compare them with other shops'!
The secret of its beauty is...
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【Do you know the Arita?】
From the Expo 1867 in Paris, Japan had submitted many things to the international exhibition in several Western countries around 19th-20th centuries. Among them, the Aritaware is representative and had won the first prize many times. Large numbers of people have been fascinated and praised its splendid appearance since then.
The exquisite, colorful hand painting and its tasteful arrangement of color are enough to preserve its honor as a masterpiece.
【Please Note】
Our items are basically not safe to use in the microwave to avoid spoiling their special texture and color.
Especially, never use any dinnerware with metal trim in the microwave.
This item is porcelain, so it is safe to use the dishwasher. However, it is with gold, and we recommend to hand wash carefully to keep its original color and texture, especially for the gold work.
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Above picture is a platter in the RIMPA collection.
【The history of Arita "Imari" ware】
The history of Aritaware began in 1616. During the Edo(1803-1868) and Meiji periods(1868-1910), fine examples of Arita porcelain ware shipped in great quantities to European countries from Imari Port via Nagasaki. Commonly known as "Imari", these Arita porcelain pieces were highly praised in Europe of those days.
Their beauty had a tremendous impact on Europe, eventually becoming a major influence on the birth of the world-famous Meissen potteries. Ko-Imari(Old-Imari), Kakiemon, and Meiji-Imari once captured the hearts of connoisseurs abroad. Ever since then the flame of Aritaware has been kept burning to provide the finest porcelain in the world.
Please enjoy these outstanding masterpieces to your heart’s content, and remember to reflect on the dreams and aspirations of the anonymous potters who created these works of art.