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Imari Arita japan fine china Wine Cup collection!![Sake_Wine_Liquor]

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Imari Arita japan fine china Large Wine Cups

from about ; 66US$, 47€, 41£...At a rate of 90JPyen per USdollar, 125JPyen per Euro, 143JPyen per sterling

 The brilliant blue gold flower scenery wine cup, porcelain, authentic Imari_Arita ware, made in Japan.

The secret of its beauty is...
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【Do you know the Arita & Rimpa?】
From the Expo 1867 in Paris, Japan had submitted many things to the international exhibition in several Western countries around 19th-20th centuries. Among them, the Aritaware is representative and had won the first prize many times. Large numbers of people have been fascinated and praised its splendid appearance since then. The exquisite, colorful hand painting and its tasteful arrangement of color are enough to preserve its honor as a masterpiece.
When the IMARI ware was still in its youth, its decorativeness was evolved gradually as they were receptive to styles of art of Korea and China in those days. However, they had persevered in the studies of the Japanese own style of art. One of them they were influenced was RIMPA.
The RIMPA is known as the school that produced the most gorgeous paintings in Japanese art history. While following in the tradition of “Yamato-style painting”, the RIMPA painters were able to realize a new and original decorative style and achieved the establishment of a major genre of painting and decorative arts. The artistic features, first of all, are brilliant colors, elegance, and splendor with making heavy use of gold and silver. It is just the world of art that people long the most simply and the most purely. The themes taken up by RIMPA are unimaginably diverse, from flowering trees and flowering grasses, birds and animals, landscapes and the beauties of nature, to figural works that center on images from Japan’s traditional tales, and even a few Buddhist paintings.
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Above picture is platter(12.2in) in the same collection.
【The history of Arita "Imari" ware】
The history of Aritaware began in 1616. During the Edo(1803-1868) and Meiji periods(1868-1910), fine examples of Arita porcelain ware shipped in great quantities to European countries from Imari Port via Nagasaki. Commonly known as "Imari", these Arita porcelain pieces were highly praised in Europe of those days.
Their beauty had a tremendous impact on Europe, eventually becoming a major influence on the birth of the world-famous Meissen potteries. Ko-Imari, Kakiemon, and Meiji-Imari once captured the hearts of connoisseurs abroad. Ever since then the flame of Aritaware has been kept burning to provide the finest porcelain in the world.
Please enjoy these outstanding masterpieces to your heart’s content, and remember to reflect on the dreams and aspirations of the anonymous potters who created these works of art.
【Please Note】
Our items are basically not safe to use in the microwave to avoid spoiling their special texture and color.
Especially, never use any dinnerware with metal trim in the microwave.
This item is porcelain, so it is safe to use the dishwasher. However, it is with plenty of gold, and we highly recommend to hand wash to keep its original color and texture, especially for the gold work.